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As you age, it often becomes more difficult to take care of yourself. However, many people delay making end-of-life plans because it seems too far in the future, or because it is scary to think about. If preparing for disability, long-term care, and the future of your family seems overwhelming, let our experienced attorneys guide you through the process. Many of our clients have shared that having a plan for these issues brings greater peace of mind to their lives.

Life is unpredictable. The legal team at Nelson Elder Care Law is here to listen to your goals for the future and help you plan for them. Whether you wish to establish your final wishes, take control of your savings, make arrangements for medical needs, or secure your family’s financial future, our Elder Law and Estate Planning lawyers can guide you through it.

Why Should I Create an Estate Plan?

There are many reasons to work with a knowledgeable attorney on your estate plan. Careful preparation allows you to make your own decisions about your house, savings, and other belongings. Proper estate planning can also help your loved ones avoid various taxes, complex legal proceedings, and family disputes after you pass away.

If you have minor children, a skilled Estate Planning lawyer can craft a plan to ensure that they are cared for. A well-practiced attorney can also advise on using various strategies to decrease tax debts and maximize the inheritance your loved ones will receive.

Types of Estate Planning Documents

There are many types of legal documents that are commonly used in Woodstock estate plans. An experienced attorney at our firm can further explain these tools and help determine which ones suit your needs.

Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament, commonly known as a Will, is the foundation of estate planning. Most people have many different types of assets, such as a house, car, savings, or other belongings. A Will describes how you would like your assets distributed and who will inherit your belongings after you pass away. In this document, you can also name someone to oversee the distribution process.


A Trust is a valuable estate planning option that can make it easier for your loved ones to receive their inheritance. Unlike a Will, which merely outlines your wishes for distributing your assets, a Trust allows you and your family to have more control over the process. This estate planning tool can also be useful in avoiding the long and complex legal proceedings of Probate Court.

Planning for Elder Care

Despite the name, Elder Law is not just for the elderly. No matter your age, it is important to plan for whatever life throws your way. Like estate planning, there are various tools that our Elder Law attorneys can use to help you prepare for future financial situations, medical needs, and other important decisions.

Living Will

A Living Will is a document that allows you to establish your end-of-life healthcare choices. When that time comes, the Living Will is used to determine what treatment you will receive in the event that you are no longer able to make your own medical decisions.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) gives another person legal authority to make important choices on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Under Georgia law, “incapacitated” means that you are impaired to the point that you cannot make or communicate decisions on your own. In this scenario, the person that you nominate in your POA can make choices for you regarding certain issues.

There are several types of Powers of Attorney. A knowledgeable attorney at our firm can further explain these options and help decide what is right for your situation.

Financial Power of Attorney

As the name suggests, this type of POA allows another person to take control over your financial decisions and business affairs. A Financial Power of Attorney can be either Durable or Springing. A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) begins immediately, while a Springing Power of Attorney only begins once you are determined to be incapacitated.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A Healthcare Power of Attorney is only effective when you are incapacitated. This document gives another person the authority to make important healthcare decisions on your behalf. When you establish a Power of Attorney, you can decide to give a person authority over financial choices, medical decisions, or both.

Seek Guidance from a Woodstock Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney

No matter what your vision is for the future, a Woodstock Elder Law and Estate Planning lawyer can help create a plan that fits your specific needs. It is never too early to establish your wishes and prepare for your family’s well-being after you have passed. As you grow older and your needs change, it is also important to update your plans and ensure that they are legally enforceable.

The team at Nelson Elder Care Law can assist you and your family at any stage of the estate planning process. We are here to listen to your goals and help you achieve them. Call our firm today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Hear From Our Clients

I heard Cindy’s presentation at a Senior Luncheon at my church, and was very impressed. She helped my daughter and me understand many aspects of elder law. Josh has also been very helpful in my planning to enter an independent living situation . I have told many friends about them.

- Charlotte

The very best elder law attorney and staff anyone could ever ask for! I have referred a number of clients to Cindy and she never disappoints. She is kind, caring, and extremely thorough in making sure everything is completed as it should be. I highly recommend Cindy for anyone needing lawyer services; she truly goes above and beyond for every client she helps and has had a huge impact in so many peoples’ lives. Thank you, Cindy and staff, for everything that you do- I’m so glad to know you!

- Kerri

Cindy and the Nelson Elder Care Law team are trustworthy and helpful. They are the experts in elder care law. At Leaf Cremation, we entrust our families to the care of the Nelson team when their services are needed.

- Pierce

Josh Nelson, and his staff, have been amazingly helpful to our family. The ins and outs of nursing homes, the rules and regulations that govern Medicare and Medicaid are daunting and the folks at Nelson Elder Care Law have been informative, responsive, and above all, empathetic. I cannot emphasize enough how their service has taken a weight off of our shoulders especially during a world pandemic that has targeted nursing homes across our country. I highly recommend retaining Josh and his firm!

- Marcia

I had a simple legal question to them that I needed answered and they very helpful in giving me the information I needed. I highly recommend them and will reach out to them if I need more advice or assistance. Thank you for taking your time to just answer a couple of questions I had!

- Ben
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Thank you so much!!

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Description: Nelson Elder Care Law's Cindy Nelson & staff were so friendly & helpful putting together my Peace of Mind Package. It comes in a great binder all together and easy to get to if anyone ever needs it. I pray it's never needed, but happy I have it. Thank you so much!!

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