Why You Might Want to Plan Your Own Funeral, Elder Law Attorney, Woodstock, GA

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Funerals are different all over the world and in many places, including the United States, there is a growing trend toward the unusual. A recent funeral for a Taiwanese politician may convince you to plan your funeral yourself.

If you came across a procession of 50 multicolored Jeeps, each with a scantily clad woman pole dancing on top, you probably would not assume you had just encountered a funeral procession. However, in Taiwan, that’s exactly what happened at the funeral for Chiayi County Council Speaker Tung Hsiang.

His son made the arrangements for the pole dancers after having a dream that his father wanted his funeral to be hilarious. Apparently, pole dancers at funerals are not uncommon in Taiwan and rural China, though outright nudity at funerals is banned.

CNN reported on this unusual funeral in “50 pole dancers escort Taiwan politician’s funeral procession.”

The practice of having pole dancers at funerals in Taiwan apparently began in the 1980s and is part of a larger worldwide trend of families wanting unique and often lavish funerals to remember their loved ones.

While the United States has not yet had pole dancers on Jeeps as part of funeral processions (so far as we know, anyway!), many families have opted for unique and memorable funerals.

One thing you might want to take away from this story is to not rely on family members to plan how you will be remembered at your funeral. Instead, you can make your wishes known in your estate plan, avoiding the risk that a family member will have a dream about something you might not approve of.

Reference: CNN (January 6, 2017) “50 pole dancers escort Taiwan politician’s funeral procession.”

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