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Researchers may have found an important new discovery about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. It could be related to high sugar diets.

While some researchers search for treatments and possible cures for Alzheimer’s disease, others are focused on trying to discover what causes it. If the specific reasons are found why some people get the disease and others do not, then it is possible that it could be prevented.

Knowing what caused the disease would also obviously help in coming up with a cure. Thus far, scientists have found several possible links to what might cause Alzheimer’s, but, as of yet, there is no definitive consensus.

New research has now discovered a new clue to what might cause the disease, as FOX News reports in “Excess sugar linked to Alzheimer’s: Study finds a ‘tipping point’”.

The research has discovered that excess glucose in the blood causes damage to an important enzyme in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It was already known that people with diabetes had a higher chance than others of getting Alzheimer’s, but the exact link was not previously known.

The results of the study suggest another reason why people might want to avoid a diet that is high in sugar.

This study is not a definitive answer to what causes Alzheimer’s disease and the results will need to be replicated by other studies. However, this does appear to be an important clue and a step in developing a means to prevent the disease.

Reference: FOX News (Feb. 24, 2017) “Excess sugar linked to Alzheimer’s: Study finds a ‘tipping point’”.


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