Positive Death

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Death has typically been something of a taboo subject in our culture. We all know that it will eventually happen to us, but we do not typically like to think about it. Even those people who have strong religious beliefs that they will go to a much better place after they pass away, do not like to dwell too much on their own deaths. 

It is a scary subject for us, since none of us can be absolutely certain what death will be like and what will happen afterwards. A side effect is that elderly people and the terminally ill do not often have people to help them deal with the process. A new movement is trying to change that, as The New York Times reports in “The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life.”

The movement is not completely cohesive. It is just various people and groups trying to make the subject of death less taboo and to focus on the personal needs of the dying. In some places, it has taken the form of “death cafes,” where anyone interested can come together and talk about the subject. Other people are working on ways for hospice patients to receive personal attention in the same way a midwife helps those giving birth.

One reason why many people do not get estate plans, is they do not want to think about their own death. If this new movement is successful and does result in more people getting estate plans, that will be a very good thing for many families.

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Reference: New York Times (June 22, 2018) “The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life.”

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