Nearing Death Awareness

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Nearing Death Awareness is a special communication of the dying.  Many individuals who are dying of a chronic illness, terminal disease, or old age demonstrate signs of Nearing Death Awareness.  They may seem confused or disoriented.  Many describe spiritual beings and bright lights.  Some have had conversations with loved ones that have already died.

It is thought the Nearing Death Awareness is a part of the dying process that occurs when patients are very close to death.  A common theme is the individuals are more peaceful after the experience.  It’s almost as if they understand death is near and their fear has been replaced with a sense of relief.

Many hospice workers and other healthcare professionals believe these messages are a symbolic communication to ask for approval to die.  Another thought is that the person that is dying is giving us a better understanding of death and letting us know they will be with other loved ones.

If you have ever been witnessed a Nearing Death Awareness, please respond and share your experience with us.

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