Going to an Elder Law Attorney

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Many people are not quite clear about what elder law attorneys do. Some people think they focus on legal problems specific to their age, such as elder abuse or Medicare problems.

Elder law attorneys can assist with these matters, but they are only part of what elder law attorneys do. They also assist people in preparing for other common problems that can occur when people become older.

Elder law attorneys help people make legal arrangements ahead of time to avoid those problems. Thus, anyone can benefit by visiting an elder law attorney, especially those who are nearing retirement as Tipp News Daily discusses in “Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Elder Law Attorney.”

For example, if an elderly person develops dementia or a terminal illness that incapacitates them, then they will need someone else to handle their affairs for them. If they wait until such a person is needed, a court will likely have to appoint someone.

An elder law attorney can prepare the legal documents necessary to avoid having to go through court and help the elderly person to decide ahead of time who to appoint as an “incapacity” decision-maker. Elder law attorneys offer many other services, as well including planning for long-term nursing home care, assistance with estate planning documents, retirement plan legal advice and help understanding Social Security.

Schedule an appointment with and elder law attorney, who can advise you on how to prepare for any potential needs that may arise when you get older.

Reference: Tipp News Daily (May 26, 2018) “Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Elder Law Attorney.”

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