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Since the availability of attorney jobs is often far less than the number of recent law school graduates, an increasing number of those graduates are becoming attorneys in the ever-growing elder law field. That is some good news and bad news for people who need elder law services.

For many years now, there have been more people graduating from law schools and passing bar exams than there have been available jobs for all of those new attorneys. While there might be plenty of people in need of legal services, there are not enough people willing or able to pay enough to keep all of the new attorneys employed.

This leads many of the new attorneys to either get jobs in other fields or to try their hands at the fast-growing legal fields. With the Baby Boomer generation growing older and entering retirement, one of the fastest growing legal fields is elder law.

As a result, more new attorneys are trying their hands at elder law, according to Private Wealth in “Law Students Increasingly Eye Elder Law .”

On one hand, this is extremely good news for those in need of elder law services. The more attorneys there are who are knowledgeable about elder law, the more likely it is that seniors in need of help can get it. However, there can be hidden dangers in hiring new attorneys, especially if those attorneys did not plan to practice elder law and take the appropriate courses in school.

New attorneys who are still learning a field, may not always have the experience and knowledge for every task.

One way to protect yourself if you do have a new attorney, is to make sure that attorney works with an experienced elder law and estate planning attorney who can oversee and help teach the new attorney.

Reference: Private Wealth (Dec. 22, 2016) “Law Students Increasingly Eye Elder Law .”


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