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A cemetery in Slovenia offers tombstones with digital screens that replay scenes from the departed’s life.

Famous people have always been comparatively well-remembered after they pass away. In a sense, death does not give them the opportunity to be forgotten. The good and bad things that they did in life can always easily be looked up, even more so today than in the past.

The same is not true for most people.

Whether wanted or not, death brings most people the opportunity to be forgotten eventually. When we walk through an old cemetery, for example, we might see a person’s name on a tombstone and the years in which he or she lived. However, we do not know whether the departed was a good or bad person.

We might be able to look up an old obituary for someone, but that is unlikely to give too much information. For the most part, once the people who knew the average deceased person in life pass away themselves, knowledge about the deceased fades away and is forgotten.

That might be about to change.

Technology continues to offer more and more ways to preserve information about the details of people’s lives for posterity. One of the latest things comes from a cemetery in Slovenia, where people can pay to have a video screen on their tombstones.

When someone looks at the screen, pictures and videos from the deceased’s life will play on the screen, as reports in “Digital Tombstone Brings the Dead Back to Life.”

Eventually, elderly people will need to confront whether they want to be remembered in detail after they pass away and, if so, for how long?

While some might leap at the opportunity, others might prefer to be forgotten when they can no longer reply to how people remember them.

Reference: (April 13, 2017) “Digital Tombstone Brings the Dead Back to Life.”


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