Cryogenic Breakthrough

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The dream of a select few individuals, is to live forever. You have probably heard about one method by which some people think they can accomplish this.

It is called cryogenics.

The idea is that a body can be frozen and stored for hundreds of years. It can then be unfrozen, when medicine has advanced to the point where any diseases the person suffered from can be easily cured.

The problem with this idea is that when you freeze living matter, you damage it irreparably. Ice crystals form in the living tissue that damage it.

So far, no one has found a way around this problem.

However, one group of researchers claims to be close, according to The Express in “Want to live forever? Major breakthrough in cryogenic freezing.”

The researchers claim they were able to cryogenically freeze zebra fish embryos and then revive them without tissue damage. The big catch is that only 10% of the tissue was undamaged. The other 90% was still damaged beyond repair.

This result could be nothing more than an aberration.

If cryogenics did work, then estate planning would have to change greatly to make sure that a revived person had access to funds. However, for now, cryogenics is still very far from becoming possible and traditional estate planning still needs to be done.

Reference: The Express (August 3, 2017) “Want to live forever? Major breakthrough in cryogenic freezing.”

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