Can the Wealthy Achieve Immortality? Elder Law Attorney, Woodstock, GA

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The chances that medical science will advance so much that anyone currently alive will be able to live forever are small. However, many wealthy people are planning to live a lot longer than previously thought possible.

Cheating death and becoming immortal has long been a desire for some people. Actually doing so was once thought to be impossible. However, medical science has advanced so much in the last 100 years that some people think immortality could eventually be possible.

Funding endeavors to defeat death and aging is a pet project of several Silicon Valley billionaires. However, the process of cell division and regeneration in humans would seem to make it unlikely that immortality will be achieved within our lifetimes.

What is possible is that wealthy people can expect to live a lot longer than previous generations of humans as discussed by Financial Advisor in “Want To Live Forever?

Many wealthy people are in fact creating comprehensive health and longevity plans. Their wealth allows them to take advantage of elite health care concierge plans and the latest advancements in medical science in the hopes of prolonging their lives.

The advancements the wealthy are funding will most likely trickle down to those less wealthy eventually, making it so everyone lives much longer. However, as actually becoming immortal is so far off for humans, no one should think they can prolong their lives for so long that they do not need to get an estate plan.

We all are going to pass away, and we should all still plan for what happens when we do.

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