Attorney Indicted for Social Security Disability Fraud, Elder Law Attorney, Woodstock, GA

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A notorious attorney who called himself “Mr. Social Security” has been indicted for fraud. This is good news for families of children with special needs and for seniors.

Kentucky attorney Eric Conn built one of the largest Social Security Disability law practices in the country and marketed himself as “Mr. Social Security.” After a thorough investigation by the FBI, however, it appears Conn’s practice was built on fraud.

He worked with a team of doctors to falsify his clients’ medical records. If one of his client’s was denied benefits, he is charged with then bribing an administrative law judge to approve the claim. The FBI investigation has resulted in an indictment.

Conn will face charges for defrauding the government of $600 million as Special Needs Answers reports in “‘Mr. Social Security’ Indicted for Defrauding Government Out of $600M in Disability Benefits.”

This is extremely good news for people with special needs and their families.

The Social Security Disability trust fund is in dire straits and would have run out in 2016 had Congress not acted to save it in late 2015 by reallocating some funds from the Social Security Retirement Trust. Eliminating a large scale fraud helps preserve funds for those who need them.

Reallocating money from the retirement trust fund, which is only slightly better off in the long term, is not optimal. Seniors will benefit from the resulting preservation.

Reference: Special Needs Answers (April 28, 2016) “‘Mr. Social Security’ Indicted for Defrauding Government Out of $600M in Disability Benefits.”

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